Bondi Babe Confessions 


Hi there, I’m Victoria and I would like to share with you one of my encounters as being a Sydney escort service. I usually love that the guy is going up on me that’s the reason I usually wax simply because I knew I’d be able to take pleasure in the oral a lot more just has been thoroughly weeded first. I also use some sexy lingerie to make sure that my customer finds me alluring and hot sexy escort. Here’s how my customer does his going up and down. He sat on the floor with his back around the bed and began kissing my legs and stomach.


He then did one thing I didn’t expect: he turned me so that I was facing the side and kissed the outside of my thigh and the edge of my butt. Then he faced me forward once more and tugged my underwear carefully, kissing the area. He started to pull my underwear sideways and kiss one of my labia. My both legs are shaking.


He yanked all the way down my panties, placed a finger inside me and used his other hand to get my booty and pull me towards while planting kisses in my lower stomach. He also spread out my legs along with his tongue to my lady part. He repeated that move several times before going back to stimulating me manually. Then he used his fingers and his mouth on me. I think he was hoping for a blended O but I was so close clitorally and not G-spot wise. I tried to get my G-spot but it just led me to have a clitoral orgasm. I can’t seem to have a blended orgasm because he is so good at giving me clitoral ones.