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Honest and accurate descriptions are always given by our phone Angels.
Some of the services offered are:


  • Doubles (try 2 Angels for something really special)

  • Couples (wanna play with an Angel as a couple? WoW!)

  • Dress Ups (what’s your fave outfit for an Angel to wear? Nurse? Maid? .. or ..)

  • Role Play (who’s your daddy?)

  • Fantasies (use your wicked imagination!)

  • and lots more …


Remember, all you have to do is ask when you call … Don’t be shy …




I saw Erica a few nights ago and she was so amazing I did not
want her to leave. She was so beautiful and with such a
fantastic service and personality I will definitely be seeing
her again
Jason, Manly


Thanks for sending Bella to me last night, what a pocket rocket!
So naughty and wild in bed, it was awesome.
Brendan, Strathfield


I have seen quite a few of your ladies and they have all
been wonderful. The descriptions are always accurate and
I will definitely continue to use your services
Michael, Mosman


Please pass on my compliments to Alicia, she is so exotic and sexy and
her service was hot as. I was a very happy man by the time she was finished
with me.
Kevin, Bondi


Victoria is the definition of classy lady, she was so warm and passionate
and I felt so relaxed being with her
William, Point Piper



Mind - Blowing Sex Positions

Sydney Escorts will share to you new mind blowing sex positions that you should try.


  • Butterfly Position


This position is a modified missionary, with the girl on her back and her hips on the edge of the bed and you penetrate her while standing. The girl puts her legs over your shoulder and tilts her hips slightly upwards. This position gives you a wonderful angle for cervical stimulation with deep penetration that can produce some intense vaginal and uterine orgasms.


  • Modified Coital Alignment Technique


This position works very well for women that like to have clitoral stimulation during penetration for her to reach a very powerful orgasm. Starting in a missionary position, you will allow her to bring her legs together between yours. You will then shift your weight slightly forward so that the shaft of your erection will produce firm pressure and friction on her clitoris as you move.


  • Baring the Scepter

This position exposes more nerve endings and increases the penis’ sensitivity, it also help maintain your erection. Form a ring using your thumb and ring finger around the base of his penis, and then pull it down so the skin on the shaft is taut.


  • Counter Top


This is the most favorite position of all. The woman is lying on her back on the counter while you enter standing. It’s easy to maneuver and move the woman to slide along the counter. He goes deep and feels in control and it works all the way around.

Make our Fantasies Come True

Sydney escorts aren’t very good at asking for what they want. We are hopelessly romantic, we imagine that our guy will instinctively grant us every sexual favor we’ve always fantasize without our having to say anything. 


We fantasize about sex and we will get around to requesting our favors as we feel comfortable and confident enough and if your escort girl isn’t there yet, we will give you an idea about those favors might be.


We want you to take shower before bed and seeing you emerge from a steamy bathroom with water droplets in your body makes us want to dry you off with our tongue and it includes all those soft, warm sensitive places. We also want you to talk dirtier, much dirtier. If you say varieties of nasty words and if we grunt and moan in agreement, kick it up a notch.

We want you to ask us to perform yoga poses naked. 


We’ve been preparing it every week whenever we bent over and staring through our legs at the mirror. And if you ask us to perform this, you will especially like the views when we’re in camel pose and standing bow.


Call us now at 94681345 and be satisfied.

Touch His Special Places

These special places are known as little moan zones of men and these won’t just relax them but it also send his libido up. Escorts in Sydney know all the special places of yours to captivate you before you beg for a different kind of actions.


The triangular bone at the base of your spine directly between your hips contains little holes that are jam-packed with nerve endings. She will knead her palms into it so she generates heat and warm the skin. She will then tease her fingertips from the base of the spine upward from the firm pressure.


The strip of skin between your navel and lower stomach is on the same channel as your perineum. She will slowly tap her two fingers from your naval to the base of your member. 


She will make circles in your belly bottom with her fingertips, making the circles bigger and bigger as she moves toward your outer abdomen. He will have you lie on your stomach; she will scratch behind your knee to bring some heat to your skin before moving her tongue back and forth in circles across the crevice.


She will glide her two fingers from your ankle bone down to the hollow indent above your heel. Pulse her fingers into the indent maintaining a steady pace. She will switch up the sensation with licking lightly up and down motions in the area.

Escort Service Sydney Hotter Tips

These moves will tempt you to get our services so read these sex tips that our Escort Service Sydney offers.


Great sex is all about angles and the angle of your erection and your pelvis will determine exactly what hot spots we will hit you and how lightly you will feel gripped. Pillows can be our passion’s best friend, we will put one under your butt while she is on top. 


You will be surprised how many sensations both of you experience just by adding a pillow.

Moaning lets your animalistic noises out or shouting your name. The more she expresses her pleasure, the more she will make you feel like the stud of the universe. 


Her orgasms will be even more powerful if she really let her rip vocally. You have what it take to get her off but there’s one more thing that can seriously add her odds of climaxing. Having an extra lube, every touch and thrust will feel smoother and pleasurable. And when she’s wetter, you will feel more confident in which will inspire you to try new moves and positions.


She will face your legs instead of your face. You will get a full view of her backside and it’s a surefire turn-on. If your erection points straight out instead of up, this position will make you feel incredible.

Sydney Escorts’ Hummer Technique

Our Sexy Angels know how to decipher every move that you make. You don’t need to tell her what you want because she can feel it. Your kisses and oral action are super soft, you’re a little nervous about how to please us.


It’s not that don’t have any interest to our body, you’re just being sweet than sexy. But you will also love it if she performs a hummer action to you. New techniques of ourSydney Escorts which will make you feel the experience even better.


A hummer is one of oral sex techniques where you literally hum while you create spine-tingly vibrations while going down on you. She doesn’t have to keep it up for the entire below the belt and when she adds an erotic embellishment of licking and sucking, she will really blow your mind.  


She will simply make “mmm” sounds for a few seconds at a time in a steady, smooth tone as she move her mouth in an up and down direction to your shaft. Variations of pitch of her voice create different sensations to you such as higher pitches create faster ones. 


The vibrations are the most intense at the opening of her mouth that will really make you explode. She will focused more on the supersensitive head of your member with her lips.

Escorts in Sydney Kissing Tricks

Kissing is always the first ingredient when it comes to love making and this will really boost your action in the bedroom. It is also considered a means of an end and some of us think that sex is full of pleasure on its own that kissing is not that important. Escorts in Sydney have their own kissing tricks that will really drive you crazy and you will always come back for more.


Locking lips throughout the action can make the pleasure rise up considerably. There are a lot of nerve endings in our lips that stimulate desire. Kissing before, during and after the action can be so arousing and satisfying. Before doing the action, your body requires an equally strategic warm-up. The slower the build-up, the bigger the bang.


Escorts in Sydney will give you little pecks all over your face except your lips and as your excitement grows, she will trace the outline of your mouth with the tip of her tongue. You will be aching to envelop her with your mouth but she won’t let you do it.  She will move on to open mouth puckers but no tongue allowed and if you try to kiss her, she will pull you away. This time she needs to be playful and work you into a desire-filled frenzy by not giving you exactly what you want.


Once you are both fired up, this is the perfect time to engage each other’s mouths but no tongues barred. Passionate kisses elevate your blood pressure and cause your heart to beat faster and its getting you more excited and making it easier for her to reach orgasm. 


By the time that you are about to climax, she will give in to your passionate fervor and let yourself go absolutely wild. Having mouth to mouth as your peak can make a much stronger and more intense orgasm because all of your senses are converging at once.


After the play, take it easy to wind down. Your fire is probably pretty much extinguished at this point. Sleep-inducing chemicals are released in men so your mind and body will be more intent on sleeping than kissing.


Call us now at  02 90555399 and be satisfied.